Friday, September 18, 2009


I can't believe I lost 10 fucking pounds.

Well, what did I expect. For the past n months, I've been sleeping at 5AM, and wakes up at 3PM, effectively missing breakfast, brunch, and lunch. My current financial status doesn't help either. Ugh, I'm stuck in a rut. To even prove that I'm stuck in a rut, I googled "I'm in a rut" to see if I used it correctly (apparently not), and I found this website

which is exactly what I'm feeling now, 'cept maybe for the "social life is a wreck." I mean, my social life isn't really "alive" right now, but I wouldn't call it a wreck. But for the other things, yeah. I don't even remember if I wrote that and hid in a pseudonym. LOL.

This is probably the suckiest year of my life... Not counting the year I got hospitalized and operated on a week before my birthday, you get the point.

Anyway, I'm going out today so I can finally be a registered voter... Not that I'm looking forward to voting, especially when there's no "vote-worthy" candidate in my eyes... Anyway, there's still a few months before the actual elections, so I hope someone really steps forward.

I'm fucking sleepy... I haven't slept yet... I stayed up all night, watching Will & Grace bloopers on YouTube cos some guy I'm following tweeted it... I'm still deciding if I'll "take a nap" after I get registered, but I'm guessing that I'll probably sleep all the way, until 7PM or something, and that would totally ruin my sleeping habits (as if it isn't ruined yet).

Time to get registered...

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