Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I fucking lost my wallet :((

I got out of the house today because my mom asked me to pay the telephone bill... I decided to withdraw money from my bank account so I can pay for my cellphone bill, and buy some stuffs.. So I withdrew two thousand pesos, put it in my wallet, and put the passbook in my wallet too, since it fits there. I am almost sure, 99.9% sure, that I put my wallet in my right pocket, because it always goes there, since my cellphone occupies my left pocket. And I always sit at the right side of the bus, always window seat, as much as possible. In this setup, my wallet is (supposedly) safe from pickpockets, but my cellphone is not, but I'd really rather lose my cellphone than my wallet.

Anyway, I got off at SM Southmall, went directly to PLDT, got a number, sat down, felt my pockets, and boom, my wallet wasn't there. I instantly thought of looking for the bus that I just rode on, so I ran (not really) out of PLDT, out of Southmall, and looked for the bus. I found it, talked to the driver and the conductor to explain the situation, and they allowed me to look for it on the bus. It wasn't there :( I am also 99.9% sure that they didn't take it themselves. They really seemed honest. I got out of the bus, defeated.

There are a few thoughts that come to mind:

1.) Someone fished it out of my pocket, after I got out of the bank, and before I rode the bus. I curse my shorts for having shallow pockets.

2.) The guy who sat beside me (on my left), and then changed seats, MIGHT have stolen it. But again, I'm 99.9% sure that I put my wallet in my right pocket, and I was at the rightmost seat possible in the bus.

3.) The wallet fell during the bus ride, before reaching SM Southmall. So the person behind me might have taken it, or anybody else for that matter. I am 99.9% sure (again) that I am the last person to get off the bus, except for the driver and conductor of course.

4.) The wallet fell on the bus, nobody else saw it, the driver and/or the conductor saw it and lied to me. But I really think they're honest.. I've been riding the bus for... almost 10 years now, and they were familiar faces. Of course that doesn't mean that they really are honest, it's just my gut feeling that they were.

I think it's number 1 or 3... This wouldn't really help me find my wallet or anything... It just helps a bit I guess... I don't really care about the money right now, even if I'm really in a financial crisis.. I just want the wallet and the other contents back :( I really really wish that I lost my cellphone instead... I just lost
  • DLSU Alumni ID
  • Bench Loyalty Card
  • Powerbooks Gift Card (worth 1k, ouch. I should've bought The Lost Symbol, but I didn't really want a hardbound copy of it, and the paperbound wasn't available yet, so I decided to postpone buying it)
  • Starbucks Card (sentimental value, this was from my sister, and the Starbucks card is only available in the US)
  • Timezone Card
  • SCJP Card (how am I ever gonna get another one of this >.<)
  • PhilHealth Card
  • Community tax certificate
  • ATM receipts (trash)
  • I think the receipt of my iPod was there, but it's past 1 year anyway (I think)
  • I think my Archuleta-Cook concert ticket was there :(
  • Or maybe the Lifehouse concert ticket...
  • Pictures
  • Money
  • oh yeah, the passbook of my bank account
  • and some other stuff that I'm forgetting
This really sucks... How many honest Filipinos are there? Almost none. That's the same chances that I have of seeing that wallet again. And what ID am I going to use now when I'm going to interviews and the building security asks for an ID?


American Music Awards Nominees

Finally, the nominees for the AMAs has been released. Taylor Swift leads the pack with 6 nominations, followed by Michael Jackson with 5, and Eminem with 4. The awarding will be on November 22, more than a month away, so there's a lot of time to rally for your favorite artists! Here's the full list, with my predictions (will probably win [WPW], who I want to win [WIWTW], not in the know [NITK]):

Kings of Leon
Taylor Swift
Lady Gaga
Michael Jackson (WPW, WIWTW)

POP/ROCK - Favorite Male Artist
Michael Jackson (WPW, WIWTW)

POP/ROCK - Favorite Female Artist
Beyonce (WPW)
Lady Gaga
Taylor Swift

POP/ROCK - Favorite Band, Duo or Group
The Black Eyed Peas (WIWTW)
Kings of Leon (WPW)

POP/ROCK - Favorite Album
Fame - Lady Gaga
Number Ones - Michael Jackson (WPW, WIWTW)
Fearless - Taylor Swift

COUNTRY - Favorite Male Artist (NITK)
Jason Aldean
Darius Rucker
Keith Urban

COUNTRY - Favorite Female Artist
Reba McEntire
Taylor Swift (WPW)
Carrie Underwood

COUNTRY - Favorite Band, Duo or Group
Rascal Flatts (WPW, just read it on some other website though)
Zac Brown Band

COUNTRY - Favorite Album (NITK, I'm not sure of the other albums but I think it'll be Fearless)
Unstoppable - Rascal Flatts
Fearless - Taylor Swift
Foundation - Zac Brown Band

RAP/HIP-HOP - Favorite Male Artist
Eminem (WPW)

RAP/HIP-HOP - Favorite Album
Relapse - Eminem (WPW)
Blueprint 3 - Jay-Z
Paper Trail - T.I.

SOUL/R&B - Favorite Male Artist
Jamie Foxx
Michael Jackson (WPW, WIWTW)

SOUL/R&B - Favorite Female Artist
Beyonce (WPW, WIWTW)
Keyshia Cole
Keri Hilson

SOUL/R&B - Favorite Band, Duo or Group
The Black Eyed Peas (WPW, WIWTW)
Mary Mary

SOUL/R&B - Favorite Album
I Am…Sasha Fierce - Beyonce (WIWTW)
The E.N.D. - The Black Eyed Peas
Number Ones - Michael Jackson (WPW)

SOUNDTRACKS - Favorite Album
Hannah Montana: The Movie
Hannah Montana 3
Twilight Soundtrack (WIWTW, simply because I don't like Hannah Montana lol)

ALTERNATIVE ROCK - Favorite Artist
Green Day (WPW, WIWTW)
Kings of Leon

Jason Mraz (WPW, WIWTW)
Taylor Swift

LATIN - Favorite Artist (NITK)
Luis Fonsi
Wisin Y Yandel

Jeremy Camp
Brandon Heath
Mary Mary


You can vote here for your favorite artists/bands.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh Wow

I got featured on a website!!! LOL

Well it isn't really a big deal, but still!! Hahahaha how many times in a lifetime can that happen right?!

Check it out here. It's about the HIV vaccine, and you'll just laugh at my "contribution." Haha!

Friday, September 18, 2009


I can't believe I lost 10 fucking pounds.

Well, what did I expect. For the past n months, I've been sleeping at 5AM, and wakes up at 3PM, effectively missing breakfast, brunch, and lunch. My current financial status doesn't help either. Ugh, I'm stuck in a rut. To even prove that I'm stuck in a rut, I googled "I'm in a rut" to see if I used it correctly (apparently not), and I found this website

which is exactly what I'm feeling now, 'cept maybe for the "social life is a wreck." I mean, my social life isn't really "alive" right now, but I wouldn't call it a wreck. But for the other things, yeah. I don't even remember if I wrote that and hid in a pseudonym. LOL.

This is probably the suckiest year of my life... Not counting the year I got hospitalized and operated on a week before my birthday, you get the point.

Anyway, I'm going out today so I can finally be a registered voter... Not that I'm looking forward to voting, especially when there's no "vote-worthy" candidate in my eyes... Anyway, there's still a few months before the actual elections, so I hope someone really steps forward.

I'm fucking sleepy... I haven't slept yet... I stayed up all night, watching Will & Grace bloopers on YouTube cos some guy I'm following tweeted it... I'm still deciding if I'll "take a nap" after I get registered, but I'm guessing that I'll probably sleep all the way, until 7PM or something, and that would totally ruin my sleeping habits (as if it isn't ruined yet).

Time to get registered...

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Been a while! Haha I knew from the start I wouldn't be able to maintain this on a daily basis even if I wanted to, but here I am, trying again!

Actually, I just wanted to say that the second episode of Glee is amazing! It totally lived up to my expectations. I was already having goosebumps from the first 20 seconds. Hahaha!

And because I don't wanna spoil it for you guys, I'll just post here where you can download it, especially for people not living in the continental US.

For torrent users, you can download it in isoHunt. My friend asked me to upload it in MegaUpload as well.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Proposal

It was really a surprise for us that this movie was shown a week before it was supposed to be shown here in the Philippines. We were really waiting for this movie because the trailer was just freakin good so we had no qualms about it being shown a bit early.

And boy, was I ever glad that my expectations of the movie were met! I really love Sandra Bullock and it was nice to see her back at the big screen. Her acting is still natural. I just love how flexible she can be, from the bitchy boss to the not-meaning-to-be-funny funny person. I can still remember when she said "Alaskaaaaa." Haha sorry, you hafta watch it to get me. Ryan Reynolds was good too. The look on his face when Sandra Bullock told him "we're getting married" was priceless. Haha. Each of them had shots at comedic, dramatic and romantic scenes, and I have to say they did really well.

Speaking of Alaska, can I just say wow? Alaska is beautiful, the movie makes you wanna go there for a vacation. It's amazing how movies can take you to places without moving an inch, and experiencing it as if you're really there.

And oh, you gotta love that nude scene >:) I read in a Yahoo! News article that they really were naked when they did that, and Sandra Bullock said "he's hard." LOL. Actually, reading forward, she actually referred to his body, meaning he was buff and all that. I love her humor. I'll try looking for that article again.

Overall, it was a great film. It's not one of your average chick flicks or feel-good movies. I love the ending. And stay for the credits :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Saw HP6 last Thursday with high school friends. Turned out to be a good mini reunion, and an awesome movie!

I was planning on reading again the 6th book before watching the movie because I've forgotten some (if not most, lol) of the details. All I could remember was the death of Dumbledore. Turns out, it's a good thing I wasn't able to read it, because my other friend (friend A) was disappointed, and my other friend (friend B) was fuming because friend A kept on talking to friend B about the differences between the book and the movie. Haha.

Anyway, 5 movies have been made, and they all differed from the book somehow, so it wasn't really a surprise for me that there were differences and cuts. We just have to make do with what we are given :) And I still think it's an awesome interpretation of the book.

The cinematography was awesome, we all agreed to that. The shots were just amaziiiiiiing. Harry, Hermione and Ron have really grown, physically and emotionally. It was nice to see them having relationship problems for a change. I really felt for Hermione. She's a great actress too.

I'm really glad that I'm part of the Harry Potter world. It's one of the greatest novels/movies of our time. I wouldn't recommend watching HP6 for the casual watcher. It's imperative that you've seen the first 5 movies so you wouldn't have questions in your mind while watching. Plus it's fun to see them grow up. Haha.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Glee S01E01

Since the link I posted of the first episode of Glee is not available for people outside of the US, I found this link sent to me by my friend. This is where I first watched Glee. It's not too clear, but it's enough. Hope you enjoy it!

Glee S01E01 - Pilot

Vote For Glee!

Hey I'm back! I'm gonna do some plugging for my favorite TV show as of the moment, Glee!

Fox Network is holding its annual Teen Choice awards, and Glee is nominated under TV Breakout Show, Lea Michele is nominated under TV Breakout Star Female, and Cory Monteith is nominated under TV Breakout Star Male! I'll really appreciate it if you could vote for them, plus you could vote for your other favorites too! (in other categories of course, lol)

You can vote here DAILY but you'll have to register, although the registration process is sooo easy, no need to check your e-mail for a confirmation mail. You have to be below 20 years old to vote though, so just select 1990 in the year box hahaha.

Don't forget, you can vote every day!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


So my promise of writing an entry every day got broken. Haha. I knew this moment would come, I just didn't expect it to be this soon. Anyway, I will try again to write at least every other day.

So what's in store for us today? Only my favorite musical show, Glee!

So what is Glee? Glee, according to Mr. Webster, "is about opening yourself up to joy." That's actually a line from the first episode. Haha.

Glee is about a school's resurrection of the glee club, spearheaded by their Spanish-teacher-turned-glee-club-advisor Mr. Will Schuester, who, as it turns out, was a member of the school's glee club back in the 90s, during which the club was at it's peak, golden age you might say. When the glee club advisor was replaced, it went downhill from there, until the replacement was fired because of an incident I won't say (lol), which brings us back to the first sentence.

And I'm gonna stop there because I'd end up spoiling the whole thing for you! Unfortunately, there's only one episode of it so far. This was a promotional episode aired last March I think? The whole series will start on September 2009.

What I like about Glee is it's not that type of musical wherein out of nowhere, people just sing and dance. Well, I don't know if it will be like that on the next episodes, and honestly, I wouldn't mind, because I love this show so much just from the first episode. You can probably say that it's a modern version of classic musicals.

The characters are very likeable too. I really like Rachel's character. At first I hated her, she had this attitude that I really don't like. But then people started getting mean to her, and my heart just went out to her. Haha I know it sounds corny, but that's what happened. Plus she has an amazing voice! Quinn Fabray, oh how I love her! I always love the antagonists. Hahaha! Can't wait to see how her character turns out in future episodes.

Glee has the right amount of humor, right amount of drama, and an insane amount of music that you just can't stop loving! The cast's version of Don't Stop Believing is superb! I listened to it for days after I saw/heard it from the show.

Here are some of my favorite/funny lines from the first episode:

"Is she gonna diva out after every rehearsal?" - Kurt (Chris Colfer)

"Nowadays, being anonymous is worse than being poor." - Rachel (Lea Michele)

"Getting ready for the tranny prom Rachel?" - Quinn (Dianna Agron)

Those are just a few of my favorites, and it's only the first episode! So it'll be veryyyyyy easy for you guys to catch up! You can watch the pilot episode here. Unfortunately, that link is only available for viewers in the US. But anyway, there's always YouTube :)

You can learn more about Glee here and here.

Plus you can follow the Glee cast on Twitter!

Dianna Agron aka Quinn Fabray
Kurt Hummel aka Chris Colfer
Kevin McHale aka Artie Abrams
Amber Riley aka Mercedes Jones
Jenna Ushkowitz aka Tina Cohen-Chang
Cory Monteith aka Finn Hudson
Lea Michele aka Rachel Berry

They tweet a lot, especially Cory, Amber, Kevin and Jenna. Cory posts a lot of pics too! They're a fun bunch to look at :)

Go go watch Glee!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


I went out with two of my highschool friends today, we ate at Marciano's and played at Timezone, and since it was my first time in Marciano's, I'll do a mini review of it.

On first glance, you can see right away that it's not an ordinary restaurant, in it's simplest sense (does that make sense? lol) Anyway, the ambiance of the resto is really nice! It claims to be a "new age Italian-American" restaurant, and from the menu, I can see mostly the Italian part of things.

It's kinda pricey though. We ordered 4 different dishes, and totaled to P1,200 so it averaged at P300 per dish. Here's what we ordered:

Mushroom something risotto - I didn't really like this one. It's like baby food cooked badly. I was kinda disappointed a bit because I like mushrooms.

Sampler something bruschetta - 4 slices of french bread, each with a different topping. This is kinda nice, by the looks and taste of it, but in my opinion, it's sooooo expensive for what it really is, bread with toppings.

Meatlovers something pizza - 8 slices, rectangular pizza (4x2, lol how technical of me) with pepperoni, salami, beef (?) and others. Haha I'm sorry, I don't really remember what different types of meat were there, but it was good and I think it's one of the dishes there that's worth it's price.

Garlic something pasta - oil-based, this was good as well (if you're in to oil-based pastas, or if you're the adventurous type).

So overall, if you're the trying-out-something-new kind of person, and if budget permits, you should try this one! There're other dishes that I haven't tried so it's really too early for me to judge. You can say that this is a pre-mature review of the resto.

BTW, the Marciano's we went to is in Greenbelt (somewhere there, lol). After researching on the internet about it, I found out that it's owned by Marvin Agustin. Haha. Oh well.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I created another account so that it's the same as my username here. You can check it out here, and if you have your account, add me up!

Firefox 3.5

I'm trying Firefox 3.5 out and to be honest I can't see the difference from the previous version, except for that + button in the tabs bar. But anyway, I'm a big Firefox fan so I don't really care.

I read the release notes, and one of the things that I am familiar with is Private Browsing Mode, which I think was first introduced by Google's browser, Google Chrome. In this mode, all websites you visit will not be saved in the history.

The Firefox website said that 3.5 is faster than 3.0, which I have yet to see, or more correctly, feel.

You can download Firefox 3.5 here.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I almost lost it today.

So I was up for an interview at 7PM, and I was there at 640. I texted my contact saying that I was there already. She didn't even look outside to check up on me, if everything was alright. So I was standing there outside their office, looking pretty much like a fool. 7PM passed and still no one was asking for me. I really hate it when people make me wait, unless of course they have a really valid excuse. It was 730, and I was determined to leave at 740, so that I could say that I waited for an hour for nothing. I wasn't able to go inside their office because they have this biometric system (yeah, they like, swipe their finger so that they could get inside), and when I peeked inside, it seems that there's no one in the reception area. There WAS a doorbell that I didn't see right away, but still, the HR officer should've checked up on me.

When I was about to leave, a man walked out of their office, seemingly on his way home. Then he sees me and asks, "Are you an applicant?" I almost said, "Are you fucking crazy? I've been here for an hour waiting on you, and you were about to leave!" Now it's either he forgot that he was meeting me, or the HR officer I was talking to didn't tell that man that there is another applicant. Either way, it's their company's fault.

But I really needed the job. My resources are running low, so I kept my cool, swallowed my pride, and said yes. Turns out, he was the one interviewing me.

Well the interview went well. It wasn't as technical as I expected it to be. It was pretty much the same when the HR officer interviewed me on the phone. And it seemed like we were on the same page, so I'm really hoping for another call from them.

Anyway, I just wanted to write about it since I can't find someone right now to talk about it to. This is my therapy.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Brothers & Sisters

Brothers & Sisters is a TV series by ABC which premiered on 2006. It is about the Walker family, and how they cope with the problems that come their way.

What I like most about this series is how diverse the characters are. You might think that coming from the same family, they probably are the same; their values, their personalities. But they are totally different from one another, and none of them is perfect. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, which makes them very likable for me. I don't really like shows where a character is portrayed as this perfect, goody-two-shoes that doesn't commit mistakes and all that. I like B&S because it portrays the characters as they are: human.

It also evokes a lot of emotions. One minute you're laughing, the next, you wanna throw the remote control at the TV because of Holly! For me, a movie or a song or a TV show is good if it makes you feel all possible humanly (?) feelings.

Season 3 finished last May 10, 2009. It is renewed for another season, which will start (hopefully) on September 2009. You still have time to catch up :) It's so easy to watch, I was able to marathon season 1 in like 2 or 3 days :)

I have to warn you though, there are times that the episode is so heartwrenching. I counted the number of times that I shed a tear or cried my heart out, I think it's around 8 or 9 for season 1 (23 episodes). That's a lot, I think.

Anyway, I really really recommend this show. I'll probably do a more in-depth review of the series and the characters, but for now, this is it, and I hope this is enough to entice you ;)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Sweetest Thing

The Sweetest Thing (2002) is a romantic comedy starring Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate and Selma Blair. It's about Christina (Diaz) who has some problems with commitments, but definitely no problems picking up guys.

This is an old flick and I guess most of you have probably seen it, but for those of you who haven't, I highly recommend it! Despite the fact that this movie didn't "bring it in" (it's a financial flop), I really like it a lot. It has your above average dose of comedy, I can't even remember the number of times I laughed. There's just too many scenes that made me laugh uncontrollably. Okay, that's an overstatement, but still, it's really really funny. The Chinese/Japanese(?) resto scene, the male restroom scene, the car scene, I might as well write here all of the scenes. And it's not too heavy on the drama part. It's a perfect feel-good movie.

I will also list here the OST of the movie, since I'm obsessed with music used in movies, TV shows, etc.

The Sweetest Thing OST:

1. Macy Gray - Sexual Revolution
2. The Association - Cherish
3. Chris Bentley - It's Done Been One
4. Jamiroquai - Little L
5. Jossette - I'm Walking
6. Chelsi - Dom Da Da
7. Louchie Lou & Michie One - Hot Stuff
8. Electric Light Orchestra - State of Mind
9. Ben Folds - Losing Lisa
10. The Getaway People - There She Goes
11. Los Straitjackets - Country Squier
12. Rupert Holmes - Escape (The Pina Colada Song)
13. Smash Mouth - Pacific Coast Party
14. David Mead - Girl On the Roof
15. Peaches and Herb - Shake Your Groove Thing
16. Bangles - Eternal Flame
17. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax
18. Diane Warren - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
19. Diane Warren - How Do I Live
20. Pete Yorn - Strange Condition
21. Geri and Ramin - Give Up
22. Usher - U Got It Bad
23. Sugar Ray - When It's Over
24. The Penis Song

I'm not sure if this is THE original soundtrack, I just copied it off the internet.

There ya go. Hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did.


So this is like my nth attempt at blogging, and will probably be my last (yeah, right!).

My birthday just ended, I would like to thank everyone who greeted me! Thanks you guys ;)

And what will this site be about? It'll probably be my views on different things, like movies, music, TV shows, both foreign and local. I'll try to be objective about them, and I'm saying now that it's gonna be hard. lol

A few things about my life will be popping out once in a while, like those pesky ads in websites.

I'll try to post everyday too, and sometimes probably more than once a day.

For today's post, well, this is it. Haha. Just an introduction. Look out for tomorrow's post!

Albert, now!