Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I fucking lost my wallet :((

I got out of the house today because my mom asked me to pay the telephone bill... I decided to withdraw money from my bank account so I can pay for my cellphone bill, and buy some stuffs.. So I withdrew two thousand pesos, put it in my wallet, and put the passbook in my wallet too, since it fits there. I am almost sure, 99.9% sure, that I put my wallet in my right pocket, because it always goes there, since my cellphone occupies my left pocket. And I always sit at the right side of the bus, always window seat, as much as possible. In this setup, my wallet is (supposedly) safe from pickpockets, but my cellphone is not, but I'd really rather lose my cellphone than my wallet.

Anyway, I got off at SM Southmall, went directly to PLDT, got a number, sat down, felt my pockets, and boom, my wallet wasn't there. I instantly thought of looking for the bus that I just rode on, so I ran (not really) out of PLDT, out of Southmall, and looked for the bus. I found it, talked to the driver and the conductor to explain the situation, and they allowed me to look for it on the bus. It wasn't there :( I am also 99.9% sure that they didn't take it themselves. They really seemed honest. I got out of the bus, defeated.

There are a few thoughts that come to mind:

1.) Someone fished it out of my pocket, after I got out of the bank, and before I rode the bus. I curse my shorts for having shallow pockets.

2.) The guy who sat beside me (on my left), and then changed seats, MIGHT have stolen it. But again, I'm 99.9% sure that I put my wallet in my right pocket, and I was at the rightmost seat possible in the bus.

3.) The wallet fell during the bus ride, before reaching SM Southmall. So the person behind me might have taken it, or anybody else for that matter. I am 99.9% sure (again) that I am the last person to get off the bus, except for the driver and conductor of course.

4.) The wallet fell on the bus, nobody else saw it, the driver and/or the conductor saw it and lied to me. But I really think they're honest.. I've been riding the bus for... almost 10 years now, and they were familiar faces. Of course that doesn't mean that they really are honest, it's just my gut feeling that they were.

I think it's number 1 or 3... This wouldn't really help me find my wallet or anything... It just helps a bit I guess... I don't really care about the money right now, even if I'm really in a financial crisis.. I just want the wallet and the other contents back :( I really really wish that I lost my cellphone instead... I just lost
  • DLSU Alumni ID
  • Bench Loyalty Card
  • Powerbooks Gift Card (worth 1k, ouch. I should've bought The Lost Symbol, but I didn't really want a hardbound copy of it, and the paperbound wasn't available yet, so I decided to postpone buying it)
  • Starbucks Card (sentimental value, this was from my sister, and the Starbucks card is only available in the US)
  • Timezone Card
  • SCJP Card (how am I ever gonna get another one of this >.<)
  • PhilHealth Card
  • Community tax certificate
  • ATM receipts (trash)
  • I think the receipt of my iPod was there, but it's past 1 year anyway (I think)
  • I think my Archuleta-Cook concert ticket was there :(
  • Or maybe the Lifehouse concert ticket...
  • Pictures
  • Money
  • oh yeah, the passbook of my bank account
  • and some other stuff that I'm forgetting
This really sucks... How many honest Filipinos are there? Almost none. That's the same chances that I have of seeing that wallet again. And what ID am I going to use now when I'm going to interviews and the building security asks for an ID?


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forg/jecoup said...

Awww, makakarma din nag nakaw nyan