Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Proposal

It was really a surprise for us that this movie was shown a week before it was supposed to be shown here in the Philippines. We were really waiting for this movie because the trailer was just freakin good so we had no qualms about it being shown a bit early.

And boy, was I ever glad that my expectations of the movie were met! I really love Sandra Bullock and it was nice to see her back at the big screen. Her acting is still natural. I just love how flexible she can be, from the bitchy boss to the not-meaning-to-be-funny funny person. I can still remember when she said "Alaskaaaaa." Haha sorry, you hafta watch it to get me. Ryan Reynolds was good too. The look on his face when Sandra Bullock told him "we're getting married" was priceless. Haha. Each of them had shots at comedic, dramatic and romantic scenes, and I have to say they did really well.

Speaking of Alaska, can I just say wow? Alaska is beautiful, the movie makes you wanna go there for a vacation. It's amazing how movies can take you to places without moving an inch, and experiencing it as if you're really there.

And oh, you gotta love that nude scene >:) I read in a Yahoo! News article that they really were naked when they did that, and Sandra Bullock said "he's hard." LOL. Actually, reading forward, she actually referred to his body, meaning he was buff and all that. I love her humor. I'll try looking for that article again.

Overall, it was a great film. It's not one of your average chick flicks or feel-good movies. I love the ending. And stay for the credits :) Enjoy!

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